You have been granted access to a powerful artifact that has been handed down by the warriors of your village. Your time has come to challenge your fate. The artifact will infuse you with the power of the totem it represents and shift itself to aid you in battle.

The spiritual guardians of your ancestors watch over you and lend you their power. The axe and shield are formed from the aspect of the bear. The greataxe gives you the same ferocity of a wolf. The spear gives you the same striking reach as a great elk.

Only when these three aspects used as one can you become worthy.


A - Left

D - Right

Space - Jump

1 - Axe/Shield

2 - Greataxe

3 - Spear

Left click - attack

Right click w/ shield - defend (not fully implemented)

Check out the LudumDare submission page and give it a rating!


FylgjurV1_source.zip 39 MB
Fylgjur V1.1.zip 5 MB

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